What is & why do you do a meet & greet prior to boarding my dog(s).

We require a meet & greet/temperament test to ensure we do not board any aggressive dogs. We introduce your dog(s) to our personal dogs one at a time and evaluate their interaction. Since the dogs are in a pack environment we have to feel comfortable with all the dogs and ensure they are not dog aggressive. We will then tour the property, review paperwork/policies/hours and answer any questions.

Will my dog be in a kennel all day?

We will keep your dog(s) in a kennel/crate free environment and they will only be crated/kenneled for feeding time, sleep/break time. Your dog(s) will be in a pack environment roaming free inside and outside. Your dog(s) will receive 24/7 care since they will be in a home based environment. We also send you regular videos/text messages during their stay. You will also have my (the owner Mark Camp's) personal cell phone to text me. Many traditional kennels leave dogs in a kennel up to 22 hours a day and they leave the premises for 8-12 hours for the evening/night. Not at Camp Zoo! We run them supervised in a pack environment at least 10-12 times day when they are not hanging out inside with us.

Are there any additional charges for food, outside play time, giving medications, kennel size etc.?

We pride ourselves on our price being completely inclusive with no hidden or "up charges". We provide food (you can bring your own if you want) and do not charge extra for group/outside playtime, or giving medications.

What do I need to bring/can I bring?

You only need to bring your dog on a collar. We do need a tag with dog name & owner contact information as well. We do not take dog harnesses due to we can't be responsible if they chew them off/destroy them. We also have bedding and can't be responsible for dogs that destroy beds that are brought to us. We also don't take toys to prevent fighting over them. We have a yard full of tennis balls to play fetch with the dogs. We keep the balls outside only with plenty to go around to prevent any issues.

How much do you charge for overnight boarding and daycare?

Overnight Boarding is $45 per night, $35 second dog same Family (seasonal rates can apply). Daycare is $24 per day. These prices are inclusive. No "up charges" for our premium grain dog food, "playtime", "couch time", treats or medication (if needed). Contact us to schedule a meet & greet!

Please text, call or e-mail us with additional questions and to schedule your meet & greet!

We look forward to hearing from you!