Dog Services

We pride ourselves on providing a home experience for your pet and 24/7 care. With many boarding facilities, your dog could be left alone in a kennel for up to 22 hours and are typically left overnight unattended . Your dog will stay in our home and have plenty of playtime and socialization and be integrated with our own “pack”. My Wife Teri and I will be directly involved in all the dog care. We provide a very high level of supervised socialization.  Our number one priority is to make every pet’s stay with us fun and stress-free…We really do take care of them like family! We also have a very large secure area for your dog to run and play, supervised at all times, of course.
Dog Washes:
We are now offering bathing services for our boarding and daycare customers, which are provided just before you come pick up your dog after your trip or at the end of your dog’s day of daycare. We also offer these dog wash services to the general public by appointment.  Bathing pricing varies by dog size and hair length.