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Camp Zoo & Pet Ranch

Professional Dog Boarding & Daycare

Our biggest goal here at Camp Zoo is to make a new friend out of every dog we meet. We have the benefit of being a down to earth, homestyle ranch that can take the time bigger places aren't always to ensure each pup feels 100% at home with us. Whether that means a social butterfly whose ready run or a shy, nervous baby who needs a gentler hand. We love them all!

We do not believe in keeping our dog friends in crates for hours on end and have our pups play as much as possible. We guarantee 4 to 6 hours of play a day and maintain that through rotations of 30 minutes outdoors and 30 minutes indoors. When outdoors are pups get to roam 1.5 acres of land, all fully in fenced. Inside the pups get to explore our homestyle facility's "living room", our indoor play area with couches to jump on, dog TV going on our elevated TV screen, and plenty of space to keep the fun going. For their remaining 10 minutes we have them relax in crates. This is one of the few times a day any pup will be in a crate and ensures each pup safely gets his/her own personal space to relax and get some water. Pups are also in kennels during feeding times (to avoid food theft or resource guarding) and meet and greets. No dog is ever in a crate for more than an hour.

Our pack is not structured by size but by temperament. We do this to not prevent any potential friendships between dogs of all sizes. We instead go based on individual interactions and separate into groups when needed. If your pup doesn't mesh with most dogs: no worries! We also offer solo play where we take an individual pup out with a staff member and any dogs your pup is friendly with on their own personalized run. This is offered at no extra charge.

Do we sound like the place for your furry family member? E-mail/text or call today to set up a meet and greet!

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