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Camp Zoo and Pet Ranch

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This is the ONLY place we will board our rescue pup.

We live in Katy, but boarded here because our family in Austin was vacationing with us and boards their dog with Mark. So we said ok and gave it a try.

Our sweet girl has major anxiety, kind of that nippy small dog syndrome. After a few days at Camp zoo, she was BETTER than ever when we picked her up. The socialization and running in a pack really reset her brain. It was amazing. She was calmer and totally happy. She is better on walks and around other dogs more and more after she boards here.

We get updates on how she is doing and we are completely at ease leaving her, which we never have been at traditional kennels. We only boarded her two times at traditional kennels, for just an overnight. She was messed up for over a month both times. We even paid extra for her to have her own space and more attention. It didn't matter. 

Mark and his wife truly care, and we now drive a 5 hour round trip to board our girl here....something we NEVER thought we would do. If you have a rescue that needs that pack mentality and socialization, this will absolutely change them for the better. It's not just boarding, it's dog therapy.

I can't say enough good things for the level of care.

Amy B.

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Contact Mark Camp to arrange a meet & greet!

Send us a email or text at 512-983-7141 to arrange for a meet & greet and set up boarding. We look forward to meeting your canine companion!


6501 Ridge Oak Rd, Austin, TX 78749, USA

(512) 983-7141

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The Camp Zoo Crew

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Mark Camp


Hi, I'm Mark Camp the owner of Camp Zoo & Pet Ranch. I think it is important that you know the person who will be caring for your dog(s) and you probably feel the same way! I established this business in October, 2014. I began my "professional career" after graduating with a Marketing degree as a Restaurant manager and quickly becoming their Corporate Restaurant Management consultant/troubleshooter turning around poor performing restaurants. I decided to change careers during the "dot com boom" and went into Technical recruiting sales and secured the Bluetooth account (before it was officially invented) and recruited the top 3 software engineers that developed Bluetooth! I moved on and had a successful 13 year career in software sales; but I got burned out. So I finally decided to make a HUGE leap and leave the corporate world, and focus on my true passion in life & started Camp Zoo & Pet Ranch. I have multiple years of experience with animals of all types: dogs, cats, birds (parrots), ferrets, goats and reptiles.  The name “Camp Zoo” is obviously a play on words as my last name is “Camp” and I live with a “Zoo”, so it seemed appropriate to call it Camp Zoo!  The “Pet Ranch” part comes from living on an acre of land with lots of room for your dog(s) to run and play.  When I started I had 6 dogs, a cat, 7 parrots, goats, Ball Python, Chameleon. We also still have a large aquarium and 2 outdoor koi ponds. :) I am passionate about dogs and want to spend my life caring for them at Camp Zoo &Pack Ranch and I hope your dog(s) join the Camp Zoo pack!

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