Camp Zoo & Pet Ranch

"We Care for your Pets like Family"

Camp Zoo & Pet Ranch is a pet boarding/sitting facility located in SW Austin, specializing in dogs and birds (parrots).  We care for your pets like family…we do not lock them in a cage/kennel all day.  We treat your babies as part of our pack, and give them lots of socialization, play and LOVE!
Established in November, 2014, we finally decided to leave the corporate world, and focus on our true passion in life…animals!
We have many years’ experience with animals of all types: dogs, cats, birds (parrots), ferrets, goats and reptiles.  The name “Camp Zoo” started out as a joke on Facebook, as our last name is “Camp”, and we live with a “Zoo”, so when we would check-in at home it seemed appropriate to call it Camp Zoo.  The “Pet Ranch” part comes from living on an acre of land, with lots of room for our kids to run and play.  We currently live with 4 dogs, a cat, 7 parrots, a Ball Python, a Chameleon, with a large aquarium and 2 outdoor koi ponds.  We love animals of all types, and want to spend our lives caring for them.


(512) 983-7141

6501 Ridge Oak Rd, Austin, TX 78749, USA

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